While I’m gone, check out my latest blog post :D Look! I Drew Daisy :) http://bit.ly/dXi41u

Hi guys, I will be off to Palawan tomorrow and I will be leaving my laptop (will bring my iPad though jic) so I might be out of reach from Friday to Sunday. I’m off to discover the beauty of our Philippine seas and one of our golden natural treasures. I’m also keen on understanding the culture of the people in Palawan and how they commit to saving and protecting Palawan seas. It’s perfect for one of the advocacies I focus on – environment sustainability.

In the meantime, please do visit my blog to check out my recent trip to the happiest place on earth – Hong Kong Disneyland.

Sharing my favorite Hong Kong Disneyland attractions and how I learned to draw Daisy here:


Also sharing my recent trip in Danao, Bohol. I rode a 45 second, 200m high zipline from one mountain to another. How awesome is that? Check out blog post here:


3-Day diet from the internet. I wasn’t sure if this is possible but we’ll see tomorrow!

Thanks everyone. Be back soon!

Hannah Banana