It’s time to ACT– Project Headshot Clinic for World AIDS Day

The Project Headshot Clinic for 3 years has given a different look at profile pictures online, it became online billboards on online social networking sites, and everyone in it, as instant endorser of whatever that is being advertised, commercial or a particular advocacy.

For 3 years the team partnered with UNAIDS in fighting HIV/AIDS. The first awareness campaign of headshot clinic and UNAIDS was called “AWARE” in 2008, and then “MOVE” in 2009 a follow up of the first one which aimed to move people to act on this specific issue, and this year “ACT” a call to action, where voluntary HIV screening and counseling will be provided on given shooting dates by Take The Test and ASP (AIDS Society Philippines).

All headshots will be released online and should be used as primary profile pic on all the participant’s social network sites on December 1, 2010 which happens to be WORLD AIDS DAY.