Mobile blogging, mobile surfing 

This is a test.

I am blogging through

I am making the most out of every technology I can use!

Mobile blogging is definitely a handy tool especially with people like me who doesn’t wanna be doing nothing while waiting for something. I also hate how we are always stuck in traffic here in Manila! I can be productive during these times now, thanks to mobile blogging, mobile surfing, mobile emails and IMs!

I love technology! I love WAP, GPRS, 3G, 3.5G, HSDPA and free wifis (ligaw na wifi)! I am so thankful for technology!

Thank you Smart, Globe and Sun! Yes, I have all 3 networks… Whoops… Was red mobile (formerly umobile) left out? Hehe, sorry but the reality is, I don’t have their sim card. I don’t think I would need one either… Although, I have a spare phone in my drawer. 😛

Anyway, back to my point… You would love browsing mobile! Here are the list of sites that I often visit online a mobile:

1. (of course!)
2. (Winston suggested that I should make my blog mobile friendly)
3. (learning how to make money online on the go)
4. (so much I can learn about our country here and of yummyliscious foods on restos I wanna pre-taste)
5. (microblogging in an instant!)
6. (know what’s happening to my friends, get invites, etc.)
10. Google reader (comprehensive rss on the sites that matter to me)


Mobile technology… It’s addicting!